Food Truck Safety Inspections

Food Trucks Offer Up Amazing Food

Food truck owners use propane for its capacity to cook foods quickly and easily, with minimal carbon emissions.

Before food trucks can operate, owners/operators are required to pass an annual fire safety inspection through their local fire department.

The safety inspector uses both state and national fire safety regulation checklists to ensure a safe operation, including reviewing the cooking unit/fuel source.

The Michigan Propane Gas Association has teamed up with Michigan’s fire experts. Learn more about standard operating procedures from our video (see right) and the information within the website.

Learn About Standard Operating Procedures

The Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development Issues Mobile Food Establishment Licenses — Click Here

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(800) 292-3939
(517) 284-5771

Michigan Propane

Propane is non-toxic. It doesn’t contaiminate air, soil or groundwater (EPA). Thousands of Michigan homes and businesses run on propane.

Propane is a low-emissions, low-cost fuel used by a variety of public and private fleets. There’s over 33,000 propane vehicles running on Michigan roads.

The Michigan Propane Commission offers a propane water heater or boiler rebate to rural residents and licensed installers.

Propane is easy to use with minimal mess, making outdoor grilling fun. Try the delicious, seasonal recipes  featuring Michigan grown produce.

Propane is used in the cannabis industry by growers and processors to extract the oil and terpenes from plants. It doesn’t interfere with the plant’s qualities.